Terry Connor

Born     1946  New Jersey, USA

Residence      1974-2011      San Francisco, (S.F.) California, USA

  • Expositions Individuelles

2008               Galerie Delacroix, Tanger, Morocco

2005               Park Chow Restaurant, S.F. CA

2003               The People’s Cafe, S.F. CA

1997-2007     Espressions Cafe, Fairmont Hotel, S.F. CA

1999               UCSF Faculty/Alumni House, S.F. CA

1986-2007     Open Studios, S.F. CA

1996               Stanwood Gallery, Hamlin School, S.F. CA

1995               College Ave. Gallery, Just Desserts, Berkeley, CA

  • Galleria Arte Mexicana, Oaxaca, Mexico

1994               Piedmont St. Gallery, Just Desserts, Oakland CA

1993               Buchanan Street Gallery, Just Desserts, S.F. CA

1993               Irving Street Gallery, Just Desserts, S.F. CA

Expositions Collectives

2009               Volubilis Gallery, Tanger, Morocco

2003               Sanchez Art Center, “Buddy Show” Pacifica, CA

2000               Chow and Park Chow Restaurants, S.F. CA

1997               Marin Arts Council, Marin Civic Center, CA

1994               Art Explosion, S.F. CA

1992-1993       Opts Gallery, S.F. CA

1992               State Painters, Café Picaro, S.F. CA


2008               Terry Connor, Galerie Delacroix, Institut Francais du Nord

2010               Terry Connor, Carnet tangérois, Khbar Bladna

1999               UCSF Magazine interview- “Daybreak”